Too much. Too many. You too?

Too many women to choose from. Too many men to complement them. How do you choose?

Too many career options. Too many jobs that match your experience. Too many business ideas. How do you choose?

Too many things to do today. Too many things to eat. Too many places to go. How do you choose?

Too many great shows to watch. Too many documentaries to keep you informed. Too many movies you haven’t seen. How do you choose?

Too many books to read. Too many courses to take. Too many lectures to listen to. Too many conferences to attend. How do you choose?

Too many apps. Too many websites. Too many companies doing the same sh*t. Too much value extraction. Too much money thrown at companies that don’t earn a profit. Not trying to choose.

Too many Facebook friends. Too many Twitter followers. Too much width. How do I choose depth?

Too many gods. Too many religions. Too many sects. Too many believers (atheists too) who know the way. Too much blind belief. Doomed no matter what I choose.

Too much violence. Too much hate. Too much blame. Too much rape. Too much killing. Way too much. Can I choose to end it?

Too much good. Too much beauty. Too much optimism. Too much love for the little things. Too much heart to KO fear. Too much clarity. Too much talent. Way too much potential. Too much appreciation for you. You bring too much to the planet.

You can’t have it all. Time is short. Choose wisely. I believe in you. Yup, you too.