[dropcap type=”2″]I[/dropcap]magine this: you wake up one morning to discover a new power in your arsenal. Whenever you think of something you want, you can have it instantaneously.

You are able to manifest your every desire at will, with virtually no time lapse.

You want a car? It’s there? Traveling to Paris? You’re there. A million dollars? Got it. (Do you really need money with this power?)

There are no glitches or flaws to your power. So if you think of a car, it will appear on the street instead of your living room, for example. Everything is perfectly taken care of.

No challenge is too big. No obstacle is too much to handle. Whatever you want is at your command. Anything you want. Everything.

Can you imagine never struggling again? Like, ever?

No health problems. No relationship problems. No more thinking, “What school am I going to go to?”, or “What am I going to wear?”, or “What am I going to do tomorrow?”

No more working in boring, mundane jobs. No more long commutes.

No more sitting in uninteresting classes or waiting in lines. No more hunger, suffering, abuse, and poverty.

No more death.

Now imagine if everyone has this same power. What then?

Now you, along with everyone else on the planet, can have what they desire, just by imagining it to be. No time, no delay, no waiting.

Instant gratification. Instant love. Instant abundance. Instant relationships — drama free.

Now think about this for a moment. What would this world be like after a day?

After a month?

How about a year?

Think about that for a moment…

What would happen??

Here’s what would REALLY happen. It would be the beginning of the end.

“The end of what?”, you ask?

It would be the end of your story. It would be the end of my story. In fact, the end of ALL stories.

The regrettable, tragic death of story.

We are STORY

You may or may not realize this, but you are a walking, talking, animated, always changing (or not changing) story. Your very life, with everything you experience and everyone you interact with, is the unfolding of your story.

As a matter of fact, stories are as much a part of our lives as are eating and sleeping. And without them, we wouldn’t have anywhere close to the rich life experience that we have available to us.

Stories permeate every facet of our lives, and are interwoven through every community, and every culture. No one can be without them.

One of humanity’s greatest gifts is our ability to make meaning and perspective out of everything we experience. Every one of us has this gift and we use it every single waking breath of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously.

And without our ability to generate meaning and find patterns we would be simple creatures, acting on instinct, traveling to and fro with no self-awareness. We would be commonplace and mediocre in our existence, capable of nothing more than what’s already programmed in.

But we are more than that.

We are walking narratives that are made up of the painful and pleasurable experiences, the good and bad, the highs and lows, and everything in between.

We fall in love then promptly have our hearts broken.

Our health can be either vibrant or disease ridden.

Everyone has different relationships, to ideas, to people, and to nature — than everyone else. A unique point of view in how we see the world.

There’s just so much to experience in life, and anytime we have any particular experience, we give it meaning, based on what we believe, our rules, our culture, our upbringing, and our unique perspectives.

And this is happening all the time. ALL the time.

It even happens in our dreams during sleep. After we wake, if we happen to remember our dreams, then perhaps we may analyze or interpret them.

But we are ALWAYS making meaning, generating the story of our lives as we live moment by moment.

And our ability to “make meaning” forms the tapestry of our story. It is woven together so seamlessly that it’s hard to distinguish what’s “real” and what’s our “story”.

Every living “story” (person) has memories. Each memory or unique experience we have is a sub-plot, or a short story. There are stories within stories within stories.

We may have a few hundred stories to share (if you’re young) or few thousand (if you’re mature). And they will be shared with others, either by telling your tale or by your sheer presence and relationship to someone.

Because they are interpreting your relationship into something meaningful to them.

And people absolutely love stories. It doesn’t matter where or when you grew up. Remember growing up? We couldn’t wait for story time. And as adults we love movies and our television shows, while others may prefer to devour novels and attend the local theater and plays.

History = his story.

We are enthralled with the creators of the stories. We celebrate writers and authors, obsess over the actors/actresses who perform in them, and love the directors who share their unique interpretations with us.

We watch sports for the same reason. We follow a certain team, it’s players, it’s city and fans even, because each has a unique story motivating them. There’s a his or her-story behind every person.

And why do we LOVE the stories that touch our lives everyday?

We love them because they are US. We ARE stories. The living, breathing personification of them.

No Pain, No Gain??

Now, let’s return back to the scenario I described in the beginning. A world without struggle, pain, abuse, poverty, and everything else. No worries. No challenge.

And eventually, as in all great stories, characters do overcome, but only after so much struggle, pain, and tremendous challenge.

Instant everything. Manifest at-will. Everyone can do it. Everyone has the power.

What’s the result of this newfound power? What happens when everybody can use it, anytime and anywhere?

Does it mean more boredom? More happiness and joy? A sustained experience of pleasure and gratification?

Nope. Not even close.

That particular scenario would initiate an ending. The end of story as we know it. The end of living. The end of our lives.

You see, every story has certain ingredients, including characters, perhaps a protagonist and antagonist.

There’s something for the character(s) to accomplish, achieve, resolve, and obtain. Some type of goal.

Then there’s a conflict or challenge to overcome, a struggle on the way to the goal. Obstacles must be overcome in every story. Nothing is easy.

If a story is to be memorable and great, then the characters involved must be put to the test, must be challenged in some way. And eventually, as in all great stories, characters do overcome, but only after so much struggle, pain, and tremendous challenge.

They may even die in the process of accomplishing their goal. But it sure makes a damn good story to tell.

The greater the challenge to overcome, the greater the story.

No challenge = no story. Period.

What’s the point?

And what if there was nothing to overcome? Nothing to thwart our paths to success? What would be the point of our lives then?

What if you could have the perfect body now without working for it, just by snapping your fingers?

What if you could find that elusive magic pill that helps you lose 50 pounds overnight, as seen in marketing blitzes and ad campaigns?

What if you could have all the money in the world without earning it, such as the get rich quick schemes that attract new people everyday to its claims.

What if you could have that elusive record deal easily, sell millions over and over again, without putting in much, if any, work? Have a gazillion fans and endless fame? There are millions of people waiting to be “discovered” who believe this story.

What if you could live the greatest life EVER without overcoming any of your personal challenges or lack of competence in any area?

What if you never had to deal with low self-confidence ever again?

And what if you never had to face your deepest, darkest fears? Ever again.

What would be the point?

There would be no point.

Your life would be over. Our lives on this planet would be finished.

the end…