Why I write

I received that text from a good friend earlier today.

I'll have more lessons to share after this 30 day blogging challenge is complete. Listen to Seth Godin and Tom Peters talk about blogging (or writing):


I believe everyone would benefit from writing, journaling, scribbling, having a diary, or whatever you wanna call it. There's some nuggets of wisdom inside everyone (some chicken nuggets, as well).


I use a writing journal when I'm feeling really pensive. It feels good to physically write things down, and I love the feel of the paper. I use a Sharpie felt tip pen because it just glides over the page, and gives me the precision I need. Here's the journal I use:

the journal I use

You can find a similar one at Barnes & Noble. They carry a good variety of journal styles, Moleskins, and other writing tools.

Here's a sample of what I write:

what I writeI use my journal to list projects, an outline for a post, some reflections from the day, brainstorm sessions, have by-myself meetings, or a desperate attempt to get some order back into my world.

On my Mac, I use Omnioutliner for outlines, Pages, Scrivener, but mostly I enjoy writing in Wordpress.

If you're not writing, I hope this post inspires you to write. You learn so much about the world, and most of all, yourself.