Find your passion

"Find your passion."

I agree. No matter what, experiment until you find something that excites you, makes you wake up smiling, and causes you to lose sleep.

This guy thinks that following your passion is bad advice - when it comes to earning money:

Being passionate about a hobby or activity may or may not translate to economic value. However, being passionate about something you do can bring you immense personal value, and is a great place to start. Personal projects could eventually affect your pocketbook.

He makes a good point, but I'd like to counter with this:

If you're interested in making lots of money or being an entrepreneur, then I'd argue that passion is CRITICAL to your venture.

But not passion about an activityhobby, a job title, or social status, but being...

passionate about a problem.

You may have heard the phrase 'create value' before. That's just a fancy way of saying 'solve someone's problem'. Take the attention off what makes you feel great, and put your attention on problems that make people miserable (or unhappy, or hopeless, or bored, or disconnected, or whatever).

I'm saying be passionate about a problem then become a hero to all the people that particular problem affects. A problem doesn't necessarily have to be something that ruins a person's life, it can be seen as providing an experience that doesn't currently exist in their lives, such as Disneyland.

So be passionate about problems ONLY if you want to turn your passion into economic value.

Go ahead and be passionate about poverty.

Be passionate about homelessness.

Be passionate about corrupt politicians and government.

Be passionate about expensive taxi services. (Thanks Uber)

Be passionate about crappy restaurant service.

Be passionate about the lack of nutrition in our schools.

Be passionate about the incredible high school dropout rate in our country.

Be passionate about the slow internet service in the U.S. (Someone please take out Comcast, AT&T, et al.)

Be passionate about a problem that bugs or pisses you off so much that you're constantly seeking out other options. Chances are, you're not the only one, and there you have a market. If a problem bugs you, then you're your first customer.

And the sweet spot? Being passionate about what you do and how what you do helps alleviate another person's problem. If you get to this stage, you will experience some awesome highs along the way.


What problem(s) bother you?

What area of your life needs the most improvement? Relationships? Work/career/business? Health? Money? Learning? Why?

If a miracle happened and all of a sudden your life was almost perfect, what would have changed in your life?


Remember this: problems are screaming opportunities, waiting for someone to solve, alleviate, or improve.

What will you do to create some value in the world and make it a better place to live, not just for yourself, but for others?


be passionate about a problem