Language Codes

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]o everyday words contain hidden meanings? Are there hidden codes in language that can alter your point of view forever? Can the same word that keeps one man down inspire another to greatness?

Come play along...

Language Codes

Here's an exercise for you:

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To recap:

Authority - the elders, parents, teachers, politicians, etc. - are really just authors.

Authors write, tell, and re-tell stories. They're especially fond of his-story.

Authors are making up the world just as we are. The only difference is, some people are making it up consciously, while many are unconscious of the stories they're telling to themselves and the world.

It's easy to forget that you're on the receiving end of a story when you've been trained it in all your life. Story becomes fact very quickly.

We're all trains traveling on the train tracks of life, but do YOU know where your tracks are taking you? Have you laid down your own tracks or are you jumping on the first tracks you see?

You know what they say,

"Stay on track, you're almost there..."


"Don't worry, you're just a little off-track, you'll get there..."

The question is, where is there? Where are those tracks leading you to?

Do you know where you're headed? How about your community? Your country?

Something to think about.