[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow many different kinds of doors are there in the civilized world? Maybe you haven't seen them all, but there are some creative designs out there.

If you had your choice of door (size, shape, color, etc.) which would you choose?

variety of doors

If you only knew ONE kind of door, would it even cross your mind to have something different? Maybe.

Playing it safe

It's hard to know how great things can be for you if you haven't experienced it. What type of lifestyle do you REALLY want to live?  What kind of person do you want to become? How can you experience your BEST SELF EVER if you've not been exposed to as much as humanly possible in your short lifetime?

Ignorance is not so bad, as long as you're aware of it. Ignorance of ignorance (IOI) is a danger to all of humanity, and ought to be recognized as such.

Story plays such an important role in culture because it allows you to experience something new safely: a new way of being, feeling, and what's possible for YOU.

Anybody can listen to radio and podcasts now, watch movies or TV, get on Youtube and get exposed to TED talks from the comfort of their homes or library.

Through the internet you can get exposed to new clothing styles, different ways to view the world, the latest slang and changes in language, incredible people, new destinations, and all sorts of activities that can bring you to new levels of living.

But even the internet can be limiting if you stay within a specific genre and don't experience of variety of stories or a diversity of people, places, and things.

"I don't like romantic comedies."

"Science fiction is dumb."

"What can I get out of a business book?"

Staying within the confines of your comfort zone is choosing IOI and mediocrity will be yours.


There's an easy way to put this to work.

You can "play it safe" sitting at home and still get exposed to new worlds, cultures, and lifestyles.

But I warn you. Once you've seen something that moves you, once you've experienced unreal beauty, once you're driven to compassion by a cause greater than you, once you're inspired to love, then you've found something essential to your very being.

And you won't let it go.

You won't have to be motivated to act. You won't have to be told to change things. You will drop the everyday clothes of mediocrity and don the cape of awesome. Even if it's for just a day, an hour, or even five minutes.

You'll live for it, fight for it, and do everything in your power to share it with others because of your transformation.

And every second will have been worth it.

All from being exposed to something new.


I'm in the process of converting Wake Up Smiling to a publishing platform. I'm about to publish a couple of books that I've already designed the book covers for.

Rebrand Fear

Many people think fear is a tremendous problem in their lives, and that couldn't be further from the truth. In this manifesto, Fear breaks his silence. Fear will share openly and vulnerably what it's like to be avoided by the majority of people and the effect that has in the world. Yes, Fear speaks.

rebrand fearThe Most Important Question In The Entire Universe

This will be my best work so far. The book covers why life exists, the purpose of it all, and where this whole thing is going. I know, pretty big stuff, but worth the wait.


This is what's going on. More details to come, plus some teasers, and a few surprises. Stay tuned.

Paul "try a different door" Campillo