I drool

I like to fart.

I pick my teeth and sometimes my nose.

I scratch my butt when it itches, and hope nobody catches me.

I love to floss my teeth.

I wear bow-ties with pink flamingos on them.

I refuse to eat dessert in the morning.

I have recurring dreams of playing basketball or football (no, I don't always win).

And I always know when I'm drifting off to sleep because I start to drool.

It doesn't matter. I know you do, too.

No, you don't do the exact things in the exact same way as I do, but I know you do things that you may be embarrassed or even ashamed to admit.

It's ok. I know.

Blemishes are universal

We all have our our so-called idiosyncrasies.

We all have fears.

We have insecurities.

We all make mistakes, a lot of mistakes if you want to be GREAT at anything.

I know you know all this stuff, but I'm reminding you anyway. I reminding you because you'll still compare yourself to others or to some ideal.

You'll see someone who is wildly successful or just seems to have it all, and I want you to remember that they stumbled and struggled to get to where they are. They are just more comfortable and accepting of their mistakes than most people are.

You'll also see someone who is  so beautiful that angels sing when they walk by. Just remember, they fart, too.

But ultimately, I'm reminding you to be yourself, no matter what.

The world is full of copycats, but we're thirsting for more originals.

It starts with you. It starts with me.

Be yourself.