VideoAsk Product Launch

Led positioning, copy, and content for VideoAsk website launch.

VideoAsk was created by David Okuniev, Typeform's co-founder. The launch had to feel like it came from Typeform, and the product had to have a differentiated value for our current market.

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New product launch
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Product Launch

The best interface is your face.

“Get personal” was a common theme in Typeform. VideoAsk made this concept more concrete by introducing video-to-video, or rather, human-to-human interaction at scale.

Here we touch on the category: “conversational”. It should be easy, just like a conversation (at least, most conversations).

It took a minute to get some use cases, but as soon as they came in from early adopters, the website was quickly amended. Nothing like proof, right?

“Interactive” is the key word here. One of Typeform’s core brand associations was it was interactive, and of course, video goes to a new level of interactivity. This went beyond interactive elements to interactivity between two people.

And the finishing touch. We’re creating conversations at scale through a conversational interface. I know, it gets convoluted, but still. It wasn’t hard for me to coin, “The best interface is your face.” People used to joke about it in meetings, which said to me that we’re on to something.

Meaningful Conversations At Scale ❤️

Pricing plans have to be simple and understandable. Took a few iterations to get to this point.

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