TWISM Rebrand

TWISM needs a clear story to tell to both sides of their platform (merchants and consumers). This work focused primarily on positioning, category, and crafting a clear narrative to refresh their brand and pivot for product-market fit.

Everything begins with a workshop with key stakeholders. It would end up being a two-day workshop, but lots of good insights from the sales team, executive team, and all customer-facing teams.
All insights were captured on a FigJam board.

TWISM is a web3 commerce platform.

01. Merchant-friendly

02. Web App refresh

03. Clearer proposition

Website Rebrand

Please use the slider to see the changes. We hired a great art director from Viget to collaborate with us on the rebrand. It was a great team effort to pull this off in such a short period of time.

Check out the website

Services Provided

⸺ Strategist

Conducted interviews with stakeholders, customers, and investors to generate a clear product, brand, and GTM strategy.

⸺ Brand Development

Established identity—the vision, purpose, and promise. Documented brand strategy.

⸺ Content Design

Completed new website layout, content, and copy. Advisor and copywriter for product UI and overall direction.

⸺ Presentation Designer

Created rebranded corporate template deck, sales decks, and more for brand storytelling and to run effective meetings.

⸺ Category Design

Established a market category that pointed to actual problems & solutions TWISM addressed.

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