[dropcap type=”2″]I[/dropcap] can understand why people seek permanence and stability in life, since our stay on planet earth is so temporary. Knowing that we are only a grain of sand (in the middle of the Sahara) gives a clue of what God/Universe thinks of our significance. It’s a cruel joke on the ego.

The ego wants to last forever. Not just last for a long time — forever. And the things people do to hold on: some have kids just to pass their name for generations, or give generously because they want their legacy to continue as some name on a building.

We build time capsules, write books, keep journals and other records, but it seems no matter what we do, we’re bound for oblivion. Poor egos.

Some think about the short time left here on the planet, and use this rationale to be completely selfish, while others can be destructive, be depressed and cynical, or live in fear for most of their lives.

For me, I find LIFE challenging, enjoyable, inspirational, and sometimes a frustrating pain that makes me want to scream. There’s no place I’d rather be than right here, right now.

Regardless of whether there’s an after life or not, what we ACTUALLY know is that we have just one life. Just ONE. This one itty bitty LIFE.

And if this is IT, then how do we squeeze every last ounce of life out of it, and realize a generous portion of our potential? Better yet, how do we even play this ‘life game’ to the absolute fullest while thoroughly enjoying it, WITHOUT being destructive to other people and our environment?

If we’re really going to answer those questions, then we have to get back to basics. There is a foundation for life, a fundamental structure that, when understood, makes the difference in knowing who we are and improving our quality of life. Before anything is created anywhere within the known universe, there has to be some kind of structure.

Law is that structure. Law is the glue that binds the universe, our societies, and our lives together.

And law, specifically universal or natural law, is the only permanent thing in this whole entire universe and is the only known constant.

We may blow each other up, stars may implode and turn into black holes, and supernovas may destroy everything in their path, but LAW always remains. Maybe not too comforting for our egos, but hey, at least something lasts.

And since EVERYTHING and EVERYONE in the known universe is governed by law, then it’s an absolute necessity that we learn a few things about it including how it affects us and how we can work with it in our lives. Let’s first define law…

What is Law?

We’ll use two different definitions. First, the most common understanding of law could be defined as:

the system of rules that a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and may enforce by the imposition of penalties

And second, universal or natural laws could be explained as:

a statement of fact, deduced from observation, to the effect that a particular natural or scientific phenomenon always occurs if certain conditions are present

In short, laws are invisible forces that govern how the universe and all it’s inhabitants, animate and inanimate behave, react, and respond. Obviously man-made laws are only enforceable by men and women, and universal and natural laws are ALWAYS “enforced”. Nothing you can do to alter their consequences.

When’s the last time you jumped off a building and kept going up? Thought so. When’s the last time you drove your car over the speeding limit? Did you get caught ‘breaking the law’? Maybe, maybe not. And if you did get caught, perhaps there was a consequence, usually resulting in a fine. Perhaps not.

Universal/natural laws are always on. Can’t turn it off one day, and on the next. Not going to happen. Man-made laws may or may not be enforced, depending on a number of factors, especially the getting caught factor.

That’s a very basic look at what laws are, and the difference between the two categories. Let’s talk about the hierarchy of laws…

The Law Hierarchy

There is an hierarchy, or a right order of laws. It’s important to understand that we are ALWAYS subject to the highest of the laws. Once we enter the domain of man made laws, things become a little more inconsistent. Generally speaking, there are 3 main domains of law.

Let’s list them:

[list type=”pointerlist2″]

  • Universal Law
  • Natural Law
  • Man-made Law


An interesting quality about being on ‘top’ of the law chain, is that there’s fewer laws the higher you go, and more laws the lower you go. So there’s less of the universal variety, and a gazillion of man-made laws and rules.

You can download a simple diagram I created here:
[download id=”1″ format=”1″]

Now, let’s talk briefly about each kind of law.

Universal (Spiritual) Law

Every law is subject to Universal or Spiritual Law. It’s kinda like the supreme court of laws. It’s all encompassing, omniscient and, well, universal. It’s everywhere.

The universe has the final say in all matters, and matter. It’s more consistent than the earth spinning on its globe for billions of years. It manages the whole of everything.

An example of Universal or Spiritual Law would be the Law of Oneness. There is only ONE. ONE God, ONE Spirit, ONE Song (Uni-verse).

If this doesn’t make sense to you right now, not to worry, we will be going over specific laws in later posts. In the realm of the Spirit, gravity and other natural laws have no effect.

Natural Law

Natural law is subject to Universal Law. Natural law would include laws that govern the body, mind, the earth, sky, etc. Newtonian physics including gravity, force, momentum, electromagnetism, aerodynamics, thermodynamics, are examples of natural law.

Man’s Laws

Any law that men or women make are subject to universal and natural law. Universal and natural laws have immediate consequences whereas man’s laws may or may not.

Although man’s laws have been greatly influenced by universal/spiritual and natural law, the difference lies in consequences. If a man-made law is broken, there may or may not be a consequence, which is usually in the form of punishment or money.

Examples of man-made laws include commercial law, common law, codes, and statutes. There is also an hierarchy for man-made laws that the general population is typically unfamiliar with.

We will go over the man made laws in the near future, and that information will astound you. Truly.

So what?

“So what?”, you may say. Here’s why law is soooooooo important to understand:

Have you ever played a game where you didn’t know the rules, and by not knowing them, you were penalized or thwarted in your chances of winning? Just because you didn’t know a simple rule?

There are rules that govern our lives and the everyday games we play, and just by becoming aware of them, we can dramatically improve our quality of life, and the lives of those closest to us.

What games are we playing anyway? We play the economic/money game, relationship games, games that affect our health, the game of commerce and business, education, travel, social games, and on and on.

There are many games we play from moment to moment, and just by adding a little extra knowledge and skill to ourselves, we can positively influence our real world life results and ‘win’.

Knowing and understanding the laws that govern our lives automatically increases the probability of winning exponentially. And the beautiful thing is, unlike most competitive games, there is more than one winner, and ALWAYS room for another.

By understanding law and it’s natural flow of consequences, including the man-made variety, we can really set ourselves up for huge wins.

Remember that.

By understanding law and it’s natural flow of consequences, including the man-made variety, we can really set ourselves up for huge wins.

What’s next?

What if learning about certain laws that govern your life could drastically improve your life?

And I’m not just talking about the Spiritual/Universal/Natural Laws, those are obvious factors. I’m also talking about the specific man-made laws and structure.

Learning and practicing these newly discovered rules will transform how you interact with the “real” world in such an incredible fashion, that you will wonder WHY IN THE WORLD YOU WERE NEVER EVEN TAUGHT THIS STUFF???

You will curse the education system for holding out on you, and immediately forgive them in the same breath, because you get it. You finally get it. And now you know WHY.

So hold on, the best stuff is coming, we’re just getting started. Stay tuned…

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