Yesterday, my bottom-left molar felt sore, and it stuck with me today. I’m sure I’m due for a dentist appointment soon. The dentist is an inconvenient necessity. I never look forward to those visits.

Today I met with someone I haven’t seen in quite awhile, and we got to talking. Teddy has been missing his top row of teeth for quite some time now, and is ready to get them fixed. Can you imagine? Being without the top row of teeth, and always being conscious of your smile or when you’re talking?

Then he said:

“I just want my smile back.”

It got me thinking. The body is amazing, really miraculous. It does wonderful things for us each and every day, and it’s impossible to track all the activities it engages in from moment to moment. We all have a beautifully, well-orchestrated natural work of art with us every waking moment of our lives.

It’s easy to forget that, but Teddy helped remind me of how a simple smile can be so meaningful. A smile can disarm a fearful stranger, boost your self-esteem, or bring two lovers together.

I then felt a rush of gratitude in that moment.

What are you grateful for today? It doesn’t have to border on the miraculous, but perhaps something you take for granted from time to time.

Today, I’m grateful for my smile.


i just want my smile back - quote