Too much. Too many. You too?

What changes?

Nothing changes. Not really.

How Bernie Sanders wins (even if he loses)

Bernie Sanders won't win the presidency. But an even bigger victory could be…

Still Here – A Tribute to Charles Jefferson

Charles Jefferson is a jazz musician, educator, loving husband and father, and…

Language Codes

Are there really codes hidden in everyday language? Perhaps.

The Miracle of Feedback

Feedback is miraculous. Listen closely...

Conscious Taxes

What if you had complete control over how your tax dollars were spent?

Let go my Lego: The ultimate Lego productivity hack

What do Legos and productivity have to do with each other?

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

Sam Cooke once sang, "A change is gonna come." Brace yourself.

Love Improv #1

An imagining, a tension, the push and the pull, a love improv.


If you don't know about 50:30:20, I think you'd better read this post.

Cheaters, greed, and stacking the deck

What happens when you have the power to give yourself an advantage or make…


What's your goal for 2015 and beyond? Why not be your version of superhuman?

One Step Closer

Can you get one step closer to your goal today? Of course you can.


How to get better or worse at anything.


I'm an INFP, what are you?

Death knocks lightly

I think death came knocking on my door. Here was my response.

What the universe really made of…

Muriel Rukeyser said...

Now what?

You just finished a big project. You just came back from an epic trip. Now…

What a career coach’s resume looks like

Here's what my current resume looks like. It's not perfect, but it is…

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart. It won't steer you wrong.

Forgive me?

Please forgive me.


A short post on what fun is to me.

The Dream Work

Team work makes the dream work.

Dream or Reality

Are you sure you're dreaming? Awake?

30 days to a new life

You have 30 days to improve your life in some way. What ONE activity or…

Alien encounter

What would you do if you thought aliens were close enough to have direct…

I can’t vs. I won’t

You can, but will you?

The excuse killer

Nothing's holding you back. So why do you keep pretending that something is?

How to rewrite the story of your life

It's never too late.

Why I write

Writing is thinking. Really.

“Am I Dying?”

"Am I dying?": The honest answer.

Go hard

Sometimes a worthy effort is more than enough.

Play a new game

If the game isn't fair, then create a new game.

Do you tale-spin?

Tale-spinning is the one strategy you need to know before you attend another…

I drool

What makes you YOU?

Everything’s made up

The world can be awesome or ugly. Take responsibility for your creations.

I just want my smile back

Have you ever missed your smile?

Find your passion

Being passionate about a hobby or activity may or may not translate to economic…

Problems or symptoms?

Are you working on the right problem?

The Great Experiment

Where does greatness come from? A lot of guessing.

So, when’s your book coming out?

That question shouldn't bother me, should it?


What the heck is B.A.N.??


Exposure to new ideas, new people, and new things can change your life. Read…

The Blatantly Obvious Purpose Of Life

What is the purpose of life? It's really obvious...

Why ‘Sucking’ is Awesome

Sucking is awesome. Here's why...

Worldwide Transformation – A Manifesto

How do we accomplish worldwide transformation? One person at a time...

Economic Empowerment

What is economic empowerment and how do we get there? Let's explore...


How long does it take a "negative" to become a positive? It took me 20 years.

I.O.I – A Global (But Curable) Epidemic

I.O.I is the biggest problem you've never heard of... because you've never…

Farewell Seattle (for now)

A farewell letter to a great city: Seattle.

Have Faith

Today, switching banks, a story about faith, and seeing things all the way…

We > I

At some point, you have to become aware of the very habit that keeps you from…

Do It Small

Everyone wants to do it BIG, but doing it small is where it counts...

Big Dreams & Paying The Price

What does it take to accomplish big dreams? Everything you've got, and more...

Just Because You’re Good At Something

Just because you're good at something doesn't mean you should keep doing it. Or…

Inspiration, Risk, And Selling Out

This week, selling out, taking risks, and a burst of inspiration.

Unmotivated, Distracted, and Passionless – Now What?

Ever felt unmotivated to do something? Ever feel that a project just doesn't…

A Life-Changing Book & A Visualization Tip

This week, a book recommendation, some progress on my latest project, and a…

50 Weeks To $50,000

Another update, and I reveal the reason behind my recent productivity boost...

The Long Road Back (Plus A Simple Plan)

Ok, so I'm poor. Here's what I'm going to do about it...

I Am Poor

I am poor: my humbling admission.

World Domination Summit

World Domination Summit -- here I come!

The End…

The end of struggle? Forever?? Read on...

8 Life Pillars: A Powerful Framework

Life can be very confusing at times. Here's a useful tool that will help you…


If thinking positively has taken you only so far, then it may be time to…


I am probably the LAST person in the world to dare write something on…


Knowing the rules to the game before you play can make all the difference IF…

The Imperfectionist

So you want to get more done, huh? What's the key?? It seems like Nike got…


There's nothing in my life that I have experienced that has had a more positive…