[dropcap type=”2″]S[/dropcap]eattle? I want to thank you for everything. Thanks for all the memories, the wonderful relationships, and for accepting my quirky, unconventional, and sometimes difficult self.

You know that I grew into the man I am today because of you, right? We both kept our agreement to maintain continuous growth. As you evolved, I did as well. I admit, I didn’t always keep pace with you, but your example stuck with me and kept me going.

Sometimes, I was ahead of the curve, innovating in unique ways and bringing fresh ideas to the table. You celebrated me when I did, and I know I made you proud.

But nothing compares to the impact of the wonderful people you keep within your beautiful city. Those relationships, the impact and growth we shared, and the memories have shaped and influenced me for many lifetimes. Sometimes I was too stubborn and wanted to do things my way. Sometimes I was the inflexible one. But I learned, and as I learned I became more understanding, compassionate, and accepting.

When I arrived I was quiet, introverted, and raw. I had no idea where I was going, what my mission was, or who would be a part of my journey. As I leave, I am open, expressive, vulnerable, but still raw 🙂  Can’t shake everything, right?

What else can I say to you? What can I possibly say to all the people who have played a major role in my life? What words could even express what I feel in my heart for the many people I hold dear, but perhaps they don’t realize it?

No words can do it justice. No words can express the gratitude and appreciation for all the gifts given and received. So I will end by saying to all the beautiful people who shared valuable moments with me, I love you all.

And finally, thank you Seattle for being the magical place where I learned to be ME. I’m in the Bay Area now, and I promise to give my best to my new community. I promise to make you proud of me (again).

Farewell, for now.

Paul “Seattle’s adopted son” Campillo