“Everything’s made up.”

I’m in the middle of my workshop, and people are riveted.

Did he just say what I think he said?

I continue…

Anything woman or man-made is completely made up, created, designed, engineered or whatever verb you want to use.

Computers, tablets, and smart phones? Made up.

Institutions like schools, government, and religion? Made up, too.

Businesses, football, stoves, planes, cars, and the streets they drive on? All made up.

All the rules, laws, statutes, and codes that exist within certain systems, institutions, or inside ourselves? All created by fellow humans.

You see things, and you say, ‘Why?’, but I dream things that never were, and I say, ‘Why not?’

– George Bernard Shaw

This observation is clear when you think about it, even if some take offense to the statement at first, or accept it for certain things but not ALL things.

“My religion ain’t made up! My god ain’t made up!”

Perhaps god isn’t made up, but out of the thousands of gods, which one is the right one to follow/worship/pray to?

Your feelings and the sensations you experience in your body are real. No denying that, but if you can get two people within the SAME religion to agree on who or what god is, then let’s talk.

For the most part, religion and spirituality is a deeply PERSONAL affair and EVERYBODY thinks their way is right. The key word is “thinks.”

Thoughts into things

We know how stuff got here. People had an idea, designed or engineered it, put some action behind it, and *poof*, we got something.

Anything that’s something came from nothing, since an idea or thought is not something you can examine with your 5 senses.

Invisible stuff creates the visible world, and this is the way things get made, but WHY does it work this way?

Who cares. Call it natural law, or how stuff works, but the process is pretty awesome…more awesome if you’re aware that life works this way.

If humans are NOT aware of their responsibility in reality making, then the world can get kinda crazy.

If people really knew that everything was made up, and that we’re all co-creators and conspirators in our reality making, then the world we experience would change overnight.

There’d be less fighting and conflict and more moments of peace.

There’d be less blame and victimhood and more responsibility.

There’d be less hopelessness and despair and more purpose and meaning.

There’d be less hurt and abuse and faster healing and understanding.

There’d be less poverty and more wealth.

Because who would purposely, deliberately create more crap in their lives??

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…

Proverbs 23:7


A thought is just a thought, but when somebody actually identifies with a particular thought, interesting things start to happen.

If you identify with going to a certain high school, then anybody who goes to a rival high school is in conflict with you.

Sure, identification and attachment brings people together, and that’s all good when it’s fun and games.

But when you identify with a certain group, political party, country, region, sports team, neighborhood, social status, stigma, description, ethnicity, and on and on — there is conflict with anybody who is not that.

This is how wars start.

It begins with somebody who thinks they’re fundamentally “right”. So-called leaders think their way is right, and seek to impose their ‘righteousness’ on the world around them and this leads to destructive conflict and wars that last for decades or even centuries.

Hitler was right, and needed the world to shift to his worldview.

And here you come, stating emphatically, “Hitler was wrong!”

Two worlds, different perspectives, different ideas must be in conflict.

Where is the wisdom in all of this?

7 billion

There are almost 7 billion people on the planet. That means there are 7 billion different stories, 7 billion distinct memories, 7 billion perspectives, 7 billion life philosophies, etc. You think all these people are seeing/experiencing the same things? You think others see what you see?


Conflict arises between two people because they’re living in two separate worlds and are completely UNAWARE of it. Two people, two sets of rules (yes, some rules are shared), but eventually someone will break the rules of the other and conflict will ensue.

If people were simply AWARE that:

  • You are making up your world as you go (as am I)
  • Belief and truth are NOT the same, and there’s far more belief than truth in the world
  • You are NOT living in the same inner world as everyone else, though we share the same outer world
  • The inner world actually creates the outer world, conversely, the outer world has its roots in the inner world
  • The act of listening (real listening, not just using your sense of hearing) and observing leads to a better understanding of somebody’s inner world, and simultaneously reduces conflict
  • It’s better to understand first, then to be understood

…then we could solve many of the ridiculous wars, decades of conflict, and the silly arguments that occur between two people that may inflict needless harm and cause unnecessary trauma.


  • You are the creator of your reality, and so is everyone else. Yup, it’s all made up, so why not make up the world you really want to live in?
  • And I get that you think that you’re the center of the universe. But so is he, and so is she, and so is that turtle over there. Try to remember that everyone thinks they’re the center of the universe when you’re dealing with others. It helps.
  • Understand that we will never share the same inner world, but we do have to share this outer world. Let’s do our best to understand the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of our fellow humans before going to ‘war’.

Let’s face it, everybody’s right. And everybody’s simultaneously wrong.

It’s just a matter of perspective. Armed with that understanding, perhaps we can prevent the next war (or unnecessary argument) from happening.


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