I am, therefore I think.

Paul Campillo

About me

Born in Wichita, raised in the Bay Area, I gravitated towards sports, computers, money, and personal growth. I wasn’t made for school (didn’t get my HS diploma until long after I left), so I studied hard on my own. After playing around with computers for an entire decade, I realized I was more interested in people. So in 1998, I went into social work and counseling for homeless and reentry youth. I eventually moved to workforce development and worked with adults coming out of prisons to help them find (and keep) jobs. From social work, I took the leap into the startup world with Typeform (still here). I found my niche with writing stories, and again, people. In the end, my philosophy has remained the same: just make a difference, even if it’s with just one person. Because once you’ve got one, you can find another.

Profound Entertainment

Profound Entertainment

Everyone understands the universal power of storytelling in shaping people, culture, and world events. But can you use story to create the life you want in a faster, more enjoyable way? Using parables, anecdotes, and a simple storytelling framework, Paul demonstrates that entertainment is not just made for TV — but for each and everyone of us.