Unmotivated, Distracted, and Passionless - Now What?

[dropcap type="2"]W[/dropcap]eek 4 is complete. This week, being unmotivated, distractions, and my waning passion. But first, SCOREBOARD:

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Bank Statement 8-29-12
Bank Statement 8-29-12


What do you do when you stop caring? Really, what do you do? Do you keep working at your job even though you know, deep down, that it's dulling your senses and killing any life you have left? Do you stay in a relationship just for the kids, even though you feel more and more depressed as time goes on?

Or do you just drop it, say thank you, and move on to something greater?

It's not an easy question to answer, there's just too many variables involved. But this is where I find myself, even at the beginning of my long quest.

No, I haven't given up on my goal of $50,000 in the bank by August 1, 2013. Not even close. And no, I'm not depressed or lost my zeal for life. Far from it.

But I am questioning my way of getting to this goal, because as I plod along on Value Detectives, I'm realizing that I don't necessarily want to do web design and internet marketing for just anyone. I actually learned these skills out of necessity to get my own sites going, but when others (who are even less clear than I am) get involved in the process, it can feel like the workload has doubled.

Surprising revelation, I know.

Can I make money at this? Sure, and I've done that. But I find myself NOT trying hard enough to get my own site and business going, and that is concerning me.

I could list numerous reasons why, but we'll just say that I'm not super stoked or passionate about convincing people that they have a huge hole in their marketing, when most are pretty clueless about the entire subject of marketing, particularly marketing online (from my experience, anayway).

And this bothers me. It bothers me because I go back and forth between providing this valuable, much needed service for others on the one hand, and on the other, I say to myself, "Why do this for others when I could be doing this for myself and my own projects?!"

I would be more than happy providing this service for people who's projects I actually CARE ABOUT. But to do it for just any ol' body is not making me jump for joy. (As I write this, there's definitely a clue for me to really get within this paragraph)

It's conflicting, and I realize that on some deeper level, I'm not congruent and in sync. My mind is split, and my actions express what I feel deep inside. In those moments, when I'm conflicted, Value Detectives is laborious at best, and energy sucking at its worse.

And this conflicting behavior leads to a lack of productivity and inaction, and an increase in distractions...


When you work for yourself and from your own home, there are pros and cons. The worst part are the distractions, and for every distraction, there's a reason why behind it.

I know a few reasons why I get distracted, but lets's list some of these, though not in any particular order:
[list type="numlist"]

  1. I'm Alone

    Working from home sucks because you have little interaction with others. The neighbors must think I'm a hermit or a recluse, until they see my car gone for the two-three days a week that I need to work for that other company or get groceries so I can survive.


    It's important for me to distinguish being alone (physical) and loneliness (emotional). Being alone doesn't bother me, and I'm used to it. It doesn't necessarily give me an advantage over having a smart team around, but there are some advantages.


    Loneliness is something that creeps into my psyche from time to time, and I'm ok with that. It's rare, but when it does come, it comes with a wallop.


    The point is, when I'm alone it's so much easier look at email, answer a phone call, read a text message, and click on anything that appears interesting, because it's as close to human contact that I can get at that moment.


    Of course it's not human contact, but it at least FEELS closer to it than what I was. Also, when you're alone, working as a one-person team, there's no real accountability....

  1. No Real Accountability

    Who's going to say, "Hey! Did you produce 'such and such'? Nobody. I'm accountable to myself, and that can be good and bad.


    When deadlines are set, and they're not met, what are the ramifications? What are the consequences? What's going to happen if this doesn't get done? It's all on me, and it's easy to block out and justify why something doesn't get done.


    I do it all the time. And that's just a lack of discipline...

  1. Lack Of Discipline

    It's easy to run on auto-pilot and default mode. It's easy to get caught up in Youtube, the politics of the day, Facebook friends' updates, click on pics of hot chics, read email of other people's agendas (what else is email, anyway?), look at the latest sports news, chat with friends, etc.


    It's just a lack of discipline, which could mean a few things. Either I'm doing the "wrong" thing, which could mean I don't care about this activity or project enough. So why am I even doing this?


    Or, maybe I'm not clear on what the next step is, so I click on anything (an article or an email link) that will give me a focus for the time being.


    Or, maybe I am clear on next steps to take, but I don't think I'm skilled enough to do a particular activity or  so I sit there stuck. Imperfection is just another form of fear, and maybe I need to take my own advice.


    I'm sure there are more reasons for undisciplined behavior, but these are mine.


Obviously distractions aren't getting me anywhere, but as I look at the reasons WHY I'm distracted, then I really have to re-examine the path I'm taking, as well as the activities I'm willing to do to get where I want to go.

Money follows value. And people act, in any given moment, based on what we value most in that moment. Any action taken by anybody in the world in this very moment represents what they TRULY value. No exceptions.

And as I click on another Youtube video, this reflects what I value the most in that moment. And that means something needs to change, stat!

Realization: The value I provide to others must include activities which I value doing AND must also include problems that I am passionate (highly value) about solving.


I simply mistook my capabilities and skills as my passion. In reality, I'm not passionate about doing web design and marketing FOR MOST PEOPLE. It's enjoyable, but it can also be very frustrating, especially when all involved are going in different directions.

When I'm working on a project with someone else, especially a design project, then I can expect a lot of miscommunication and I usually end up with more work than I originally set out to do. Working with the right people is crucial to my sanity, and goes a long way in the quality of work I produce.

For me to be firing on all cylinders, I need to be doing what I really ENJOY doing (which involves something I'm highly skilled at and something I'm talented in), AND I have to be working on a problem that I'm extremely EXCITED about solving for others.

You may have heard the mantra, do what you love and the money will follow, especially since a book with that same title was written. And you may have also heard that doing what you love will NOT bring in the moolah, so don't focus solely on what you're passionate about, because the market doesn't care about what you love to do (and they don't).

It's not an "either/or" situation for me, and as I tend to conclude, the answer is usually a mixture of BOTH.

I think people ought to do what they love and enjoy their work and lives as much as humanly possible, and integrate that with what they're talented and highly skilled in. Yes!

But I think the missing piece of the equation to the "do what you love" motto is applying those skills, talents, and unique abilities to a PROBLEM you're also passionate about solving.

Passionate Doing x Passionate Problem Solving = Following Your Bliss

Motivated, But More Importantly, Inspired

And as I reflect upon what I just wrote, I see that I have NOT brought the two elements together in my everyday experience properly. And that's why I fizzle and slow down on my main project before a month's work has been put in.

Following my bliss is essentially doing what I love to do and applying that to a problem I'm passionate about solving or alleviating. Not just solving for self, but for other people as well.

I've done this before. I think we all have to some degree, and it seems, for significant results, spectacular even, we must marry the two. Of course, it's easier said than done, BUT, it does give me a north star. And as I write this, it gives me a greater sense of clarity on my next steps.

But, can you imagine not doing this AT ALL?

You're NOT using the unique talents you were born with -- AT ALL?. You're NOT doing what you REALLY, REALLY enjoy doing -- AT ALL?. You're NOT working on problems you're passionate or deeply care about solving, but instead work on problems that bore you, dull you, and turn you off?

Yes, you may be highly skilled at doing something, but if the other elements are missing (caring deeply about something, expressing your true talents, etc.), then how are you benefiting? How will you reach your true potential? How can you feel invigorated and TRULY ALIVE?

Guess you'll just have to wait for the weekend to experience that, huh?


Value Detectives is still part of the plan, but not how I originally envisioned it. I will need to angle it so that I am working with the people I want to work with (still to be defined), solving THE problem I care about the MOST, and focusing on applying my unique abilities to the work, so I'm not bored or even frustrated.

My main strategy is now clear.

Marry my talents, skills, and unique abilities with a problem I deeply care about solving. And that will become my ultimate business.

It will propel me to refine and define myself more precisely. It will bring the best out of me because I will have a specific message to give people, rather than having the 3-5 elevator pitches I have on hand depending on who I'm talking to.

It will also keep me driven and inspired, instead of the whole, "I need to work for the money" mentality. Granted, I still do a bit of that, but I am learning not to compromise my core integrity and sell out on my dreams.

And NO, the $50,000 dollars is not a dream of mine. I just see it as a means to do greater things, as well as an awesome indicator that I am giving tremendous value to the people of the world.

I am actually living a portion of my dream now, it just needs some expansion. I really enjoy writing, but next year, I want to be on a train, speeding through Europe, working on my next book.

Next Steps

For the week, I will:

[list type="checklist"]

  • Figure out and really nail down my offer for Value Detectives (What I'm willing to give, who I'm willing to give it to, and for how much) -- September 5, 2012
  • Work on video script for Wake Up Smiling (outline is almost complete)
  • Finish reading The $100 Startup -- Still September 5, 2012
  • Figure out the Kindle platform and get Butt-Naked Abundance on Amazon


That's it for now. Take care of yourself and have a great week.

A Life-Changing Book & A Visualization Tip

[dropcap type="2"]W[/dropcap]eek 3 is in the books. This week, a book recommendation, some progress on my latest project, and a visualization secret. But first, SCOREBOARD:

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Total Earnings

Driving: $635.56


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Bank Account



Bank Statement 8-22-2012
Bank Statement 8-22-2012

First, An Awesome Book

Before I recommend this beautiful, wonderful, life-changing book, I have a confession to make.

I've only read nine (9) pages of this book, and did only ONE exercise out of it. I read the first exercise I was to do, and began doing it.

Even today, I have no clue what the rest of the book contains. None. It's sitting on my bookshelf right now, practically brand new.

So why am I recommending this to you?

Because that one exercise CHANGED MY FREAKIN' LIFE, MAN!

Ok, enough already. The book is called The Artist's Way, but I own a variation of this book, called The Artist's Way At Work.

The Artist's Way At WorkThe transformational exercise I did, over and over and over and OVER again, is called Morning Pages (click on link to learn more). You basically write three full pages of whatever comes to your mind, non-stop until it's done.

The results are simply astonishing. I filled up a journal that is four-hundred pages long in just over a year, and I didn't even write everyday. Out of all this writing came some deep clarity, my book, concepts for more books, and articles and future blog posts.

And I wasn't even doing it for all that. Of course, I broke a few rules, such as reading what I wrote, and not writing consistently, every single day. Eventually, I stopped doing the stream of consciousness thingy since ideas started coming out of nowhere, and I just had to write them down as fast as they came.

Now four-hundred pages is nothing to sneeze at, and I admit, a lot of what I wrote was repetitious. But I found that repeating myself was just part of the whole process of getting the garbage out of my mind.

I've already ordered two refills of the 400 page journal paper, since it is a refillable leather-bound jacket (hand-made in Tuscany, Italia, but I got it at Barnes & Noble in case you were wondering).

Here's a couple of images from the actual journal:

journal entry example 1
Journal entry example 1

And a more recent one:

Journal entry example 2
Journal entry example 2

So start your Morning Pages. It will clear out those cobwebs, you'll get ideas (even if some of them are weird), and gain so much inspiration from within. Let's face it, if you're not incorporating some form of artistry in your work, in some capacity, then you're just like someone else out there. Boring. Ok, off my soapbox...

Value Detectives Update

The website is coming along, although I get hung up over the design and how to phrase certain things, such as my offer. I admit I'm not satisfied, but I am making progress.

I redesigned my logo and tagline, so that it fits the concept I want to convey. Take a look:

Value Detectives Logo

My current offer is a free website analysis of the home page of that site. I'm still playing with other ideas that will lead to conversions.

I may also have a two new potential clients. One works for a non-profit who will be ready to meet with me in September. I've known him for awhile and did some website work for him in the past.

I am in contact with another prospect in the financial services arena. I met someone that works at this company during a local business meetup. I gave an impromptu website analysis for four people at this lunch meeting, which led to this contact. I have already provided a more formalized analysis of their homepage to them, and will set a meeting date next week after he returns from a weekend trip.

I won't post their names, but if I do complete their projects, I will post the results here and on the Value Detectives website, with their permission, of course.

In the meantime, I will work on my offer so it's a great deal and everybody feels good about what they're getting. Setting up the right offer is really is tricky to do, but I have to start somewhere. I'm getting some good ideas from The $100 Startup, too.

As for Value Detectives, I will keep tweaking it, adding more pages, probably set-up a blog, and add some sort of video presentation.

Speaking Of Video

I met with a friend yesterday, and he asked me why I'm not doing more video, specifically of me speaking. Didn't have an answer for him, and all I could say was, "I know. I've been writing about this in my journal, and I know I need to do it."

Perhaps it's clarity I'm missing. Or knowing what to say when that camera is staring me in the face. Or maybe it's just taking the time to practice this new skill, so I can feel more confident and deliver something good.

Whatever it is, I know I need to do it. And I will probably release my first live video on Wake Up Smiling, or possibly on this blog, if it's appropriate.

I've already started outlining some ideas, and that led me to a pretty cool revelation...

A Visualization Epiphany

We've all heard, many times, how important visualization is to creating our future, and bringing new experiences into our lives.

But I've noticed something really peculiar about this process, and thinking back on all the times I've consciously used visualization, I found this to be true.

First, visualization is hard. I mean, visualizing new stuff. It's easy for me to play around with my past experiences and mess around with all my memories. I think we're all great at that.

But seeing the new, envisioning something before it happens is quite another task. If it was so easy, I believe many people could change their bad habits with less struggle and get to truly beneficial thought patterns much faster.

So here's my visualization epiphany: as you take ACTION, as you actually move towards a goal, and I mean PHYSICALLY moving towards it in some way (not just thinking about it), the little bit of visualization you've done prior to the action becomes stronger and much more detailed. Your imagination actually becomes CLEARER and more powerful through action.

Not sure that makes sense or not, but what I'm trying to say is, as you act on something, your imagination kicks in to assist you. Details that were fuzzy become clearer, ideas that were vague become more precise, and paths that were hidden become revealed.

This reminds me of that scene from Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade:

I bring this up because this has been happening a lot to me lately. Recently, instead of over-preparing, I've had to act more and more because of the situation I've gotten myself into. And through every action, my mind becomes clearer in what's important and what needs to be done next. And incredibly, what I vaguely imagined prior to action goes from some fleeting idea to something much more tangible in my mind. I can't believe I didn't notice this phenomenon before.

The BIG DEAL about this whole "A Ha!" moment is the FEELING OF CERTAINTY that comes from this. Having a general idea of something you want doesn't give you a strong enough drive to fulfill it. The clearer you are, the more certain you are, the more detailed your imaginings, the more powerful feeling you'll have.

And the more powerful the FEELING, the more likely things will get done and stuff will happen. That feeling is a beautiful, precious thing, even in small bursts.

The takeaway? Go ahead and imagine something you want, even if it's a nebulous notion. Then write it down, to give it some form. Then take some form of physical action, after the writing, that gets you closer to what you want to create in your life. We'll call this an act of faith on your behalf, as demonstrated in the clip above. And as you 'JUST DO IT', you'll probably discover (as I have) that details will start to fill in naturally, each subtlety will become more distinct, and the FEELING you'll get will bring more confidence, more certainty, and the courage to ACT SOME MORE.

Next Steps

I don't want to overwhelm myself this next week, but here's what I believe I can accomplish by the following dates:

[list type="checklist"]

  • Complete Value Detectives website by September 1, 2012
  • Outline script ideas for video(s) by August 28, 2012
  • Put Butt-Naked Abundance on Amazon's Kindle by August 28, 2012
  • Place a Paypal button on Butt-Naked Abundance website by August 28, 2012
  • Add one blog post on Wake Up Smiling by August 28, 2012
  • Complete reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau by September 5, 2012


Hope you have a great week.

50 Weeks To $50,000

[dropcap type="2"]W[/dropcap]eek 2 is done. 50 weeks to go until $50,000. I don't mind starting slow, as long as momentum is kept and progress is made. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Yada ya.

[box type="blank" class="bg-blue rounded-10"]
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Total Earnings

Driving: $86.00


[columns width="1/2" last="true"]

Bank Account



Bank Statement 8-15-12
Bank Statement 8-15-12

Moving Into "S"

As I stated in my previous post, I have to move from the E Quadrant to the S Quadrant, ASAP. And I will begin that process by jumpstarting Value Detectives. I targeted August 19, 2012 as the release date, and will probably need that whole day to finish.

My next steps with this are:

[list type="checklist"]

  • Post services on Craigslist.
  • Email biz owners.
  • Learn other lead generation methods.


If you're really interested in my progress on the site, you can watch it here as I nitpick everything on there, all the way to my Sunday release.

Moving Into "B"

I'm already brainstorming ideas so I can transition into the B Quadrant asap, but I don't want to get too ahead of myself. My options here include:

[list type="checklist"]

  • Bolstering my current book release (editing, refining, adding content, etc.).
  • Writing my second book.
  • Creating an online course.


More details coming...

A Valuable Lesson In Productivity

Sometimes you just have to know who you are. And when it comes to being productive, I need to beat the clock. I do much better when I'm trying to beat the odds, as my Kolbe Profile astutely pointed out.

So I got me a timer. Not a physical one, but an App called DUE for Mac. Here's what it looks like:

DUE for Mac
DUE for Mac

Whenever it's time to get something done, I set the timer. My mission during that time is to concentrate only on that goal or activity. That's it. And it's been a very productive couple of days since I installed it, so I highly recommend it.

Also, notice I said "concentrate" and not "focus". And there's a distinct difference between the two.

When I think "focus" I imagine a camera. And when something is unfocused or blurry, you bring it back into focus. So focus means to make CLEAR. It's important to make goals as simple and clear as possible.

As for "concentration", I think, "How long can I keep my attention on this?"

Unlike focus, concentration is more about will power and duration. How long do you stick with something before something else "distracts" or detracts you?

Think of it this way. FOCUS (what you make clear ahead of time) determines what you will CONCENTRATE on (how much time you give to your focus).

I really learned this lesson back in 2001, when I played "Homeworld", a video game based in real-time strategy.

My Big Aha!

Homeworld is a difficult game to master at first. Since it's real time, when you're being attacked, there's no time to mess around. You make decisions in real-time and they are executed immediately. You tell ships to attack an enemy ship, and they go do it.

As the game progresses, the game becomes much more difficult, and that means you have to be wiser in who you attack as well as managing other resources. At it's most difficult levels, the options can be mind boggling.

Try to imagine being attacked by 10 big ships, 5 medium sized ships, and 50-100 medium to smaller sized ships all swarming around. It gets confusing really, really fast.


Here's what I used to do when there was this huge onslaught on my fleet. I would assign groups of my ships to attack their individual ships. Small ships would go after their small ships, medium sized ships would chase medium sized ships, etc.

As a result of this strategy, my entire fleet would be dispersed, and I'd always wonder why they got me in the end at these higher levels. I continued to try strategy after strategy, "Oooh, I know, let me go after this ship first...", but it was my global strategy that was flawed.

And once I realized THAT, I made a decision to concentrate every single ship in my fleet on the biggest, nastiest ship they had (the one with the potential of doing the most damage to my fleet).

I started to take out their ships out one at a time. I didn't care if they were attacking the mothership or firing on my ships as I pummeled one of theirs. And because I concentrated all my fire power on ONE SHIP AT A TIME, I went through them so much faster.


One went down. Then another. Then another. Until there were these smaller, more agile ships flying around that did minimal damage. Eventually, I hunted them down easily.

Productivity is like this. It requires both focus and concentration. FOCUS makes goals clear (go after THIS ship), which also boosts your desire to get it done. (Try getting excited about a vague goal, like, "I want to be successful." -- meh.)

But CONCENTRATION is like taking all your ships and sending them all to destroy that big, ugly, nasty frigate that could potentially leave some serious scars on the mothership. Who cares what all the little ships are doing? They're just distractions for now, but soon, we'll get to them.

Clarity (and a Timer) Are Powerful

So, I got clear on my goals (focus), then I take them out, with action and my trusty timer. This works with big chunks of time, too.

Startup Weekend creates business startups in 54 hours or over any given weekend. That's concentrated effort, over a bigger chunk of time.

Vipassana Meditation is done over a 10 day period, and the results are LIFE CHANGING.

Best way to learn a foreign language is immersion. Spend 4 months in France around native speakers, and you will pick French up. This is also a form of concentration. But flipping on your Rosetta Stone every couple of months isn't gonna get it done.

And Finally...

I've been doing the exercises from Chris' book, The $100 Startup, particularly the Instant Consultant Business and One-Page Business Plan. They're mainly focused on Value Detectives but I'm also seeing other uses for them.  I'm still not done with the book, but soon.

I'm attaching my completed exercises below. Maybe they will help you, maybe not. But it's always nice to see an example, isn't it?

And I will update my goals next Wednesday, so please excuse me while I concentrate on my main focus before moving on :)


[download id="6" format="2"][download id="7" format="2"]

The Long Road Back (Plus A Simple Plan)

[dropcap type="2"]B[/dropcap]efore I get going, just know that this is an unusually long post. And while most of this represents my thought process for getting to my goal, a lot of it may seem very basic to you. Laying the the proper foundation is critical to me this go round, not just "knowing" what it is. Anyway, here's the scoreboard for the week:

[box type="blank" class="bg-blue rounded-10"]
[columns width="1/2"]

Total Earnings

Driving: $688.39


[columns width="1/2" last="true"]

Bank Account


If you're wondering why my bank account is smaller than what I earned, it's because I paid my condo dues for the month + other expenses. As an aside, I have no plans to reveal how I spend every single cent, but I'm sure you realize that I have very little wiggle room.

Bank Statement 8-8-2012
Bank Statement 8-8-2012

The $50,000 Breakdown

My goal is $50,000 in the bank. Of course, I will need to earn more for living and business expenses. After thinking about it, I figure $80,000 is a good number to shoot for. $50,000 in the bank. $30,000 for living and business expenses. Bueno.

Breaking down the $80,000 comes to $6,666.67 per month (Bible thumpers and the superstitious, please ignore all the sixes), which is about $222.22 per day.  I'm not going to start off earning that much, because it may take awhile to lay the proper foundation, but my plan must compensate for that later on.

Am I Really Committed??

When I see that number, the $222.22 per day, everyday for a full year, I see a goal that demands consistency from me.  It seems that the core essence of any goal contains the seed qualities that are required to meet it successfully.

Since the goal has at its very core "consistency", then my effort must be consistent to match it.  This doesn't mean that my efforts are any "harder" or "easier", it just means that they're consistent.

And consistent means commitment. And that's a critical point for me. I believe making my situation and goal public is indicative of my renewed commitment. Living within my own bubble was not getting it done.

The Probability Test

And there's another factor at play here: belief.  I have to believe I can accomplish my goal, so knowing this, I ran it through my "Probability Test".

The Probability Test measures how certain I feel about accomplishing a specific goal, which also reveals the probability of a a specific event happening in my life.

As a side note, do you know where the origin of "probable" comes from?  Take a look:

[box type="1"]ORIGIN late Middle English (in the sense ‘worthy of belief’): via Old French from Latin probabilis, from probare ‘to test, demonstrate.’[/box]

I thought that was interesting...

So here's the Probability Test.  Take your goal, or any statement or affirmation, and ask the following questions, using your statement or goal:

Do I hope I will have $50,000 in the bank from my efforts despite never having accomplished this before?

Do I believe....?

Do I know....?

The continuum looks like this, with the likelihood of events happening increasing as the feeling of certainty increases:

Hope (Possible) ---->  Believe (Probable) ----> Know (Done Deal)

Doing this test requires an acute awareness AND naked honesty.  Long story short, I felt strong in between BELIEVE and KNOW, and even though I felt something in HOPE, my feelings were stronger in the BELIEVE range, leaning toward KNOW.  If my feeling was more in between HOPE and BELIEVE, then I'd probably adjust my goal a bit.

Of course, I do this in a matter of moments, so it's not as drawn out as I lay it out here.  It's just a way to check in with my heart and make sure all systems are go.

So now that my goal is set, I chose to re-examine my strengths, knowledge, skills, and life experience.

Who Am I?

No need to go into this all here, we could be here forever, but let me touch on a few things. If you haven't done any of the many personality assessment tests, the "why you do what you do" tests, or even an astrology reading, then you could be missing some pretty cool insights into YOU.

You don't have to believe it all, just take it as an outside observation and consider it.

Anyway, without getting into my life experience, and how it colors everything I do, I thought I'd at least go over some of these tests and see if I could gain some additional insight.

Meyers-Briggs Personality Test: INFP

[box type="1"]INFPs are effective in occupations involving a lot of intellectual work that is focused on humanities and social science, spirit and soul, inspirational activities, and requiring creativity. Social workers, psychologists, life coaches, addiction rehab counselors, mental and community care staff, children education, teaching, and also creative script writing are just some of the examples of suitable occupations for INFPs. They also succeed at academia thanks to their intellectual strength.[/box]

You can take a free test here: www.humanmetrics.com/.

DISC Profile (See Image)

Paul Campillo's DISC Profile
Paul Campillo's DISC Profile

To learn more about the DISC Profile, you can go to www.discprofile.com/.


Measures "conation" or your Modus Operandi (See Image)

Paul Campillo's Kolbe A Index
Paul Campillo's Kolbe A Index

To learn more about Kolbe and their tests, you can go to www.kolbe.com.

My Strengths Finder 2.0 results

In order of strengths: Relator, Empathy, Learner, Connectedness, and Futuristic

To learn more about Strengths Finder 2.0, you can go to strengths.gallup.com.

Self-Assessment Summary

Having looked at these test results again, I do see a pattern, one of which is, ironically, that I'm good at seeing PATTERNS. I know, circular. And I've always had this desire to do things differently (I'm telling you, it's hard-wired in), which is also reflected in my DISC and KOLBE results.

I've allowed that characteristic to hinder me in many ways, but now I must turn it into a powerful ally. It also frees me to explore new possibilities. The only problem is, earning money is usually EASIER for people who stick to simplicity and WHAT'S BEEN DONE BEFORE. Creating new business models is usually not a good idea.

And a big thing for me is this LOVE for LEARNING, and seeing how everything connects in unique ways. Man, I could learn and connect ideas together all day, and do it for and with other people. I definitely believe this is a skill that I can monetize ASAP (probably because I've done it before #duh).

I also love to brainstorm, I could probably do that all day, too. But how to get paid from that??

Anyway, let's move on to how I (or anyone else) can generate income.

How We Make Money

Let's talk Cashflow Quadrant.  According to Robert Kiyosaki, there are four ways to bring in the loot.  Here are the four:

cashflow qaudrant
Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant

[box type="blank" class="border-dashed2"]

Sidenote: The difference between an an entrepreneur and a self-employed person is that a business frees you because of systems, whereas the self-employed still do the bulk of the work.

Business earns money whether you're there or not (most of the time), unlike the E or the S quadrants. And the I quadrant, or investor, is barely in the picture when it comes to "working", but is compensated extremely well.

So, I'm already doing the E or employee thing. It's not bringing in much, but I see that I must re-graduate (since I've done it before) up to the S or self-employed again. Doing the B is not as easy, although I've done B activities, such as designing websites, writing a book that is downloadable, etc.

So, my strategy here is obvious. Move from E to S immediately. Then work B into the mix for leverage. Without leverage, I will always have to show up to earn anything, which is going to slow me down significantly.

There's another way to view this:
[list type="pointerlist2"]

  • Consulting/Coaching = 1 : 1
  • Training/Teaching = 1 : MANY (Better leverage)
  • Ultimate Leverage = Work really hard ONCE : Almost unlimited ROI

[/list]Imagine your favorite music artist coming and playing for your family. It would probably cost you a small fortune, but that's still 1 : 1.

Now imagine them performing in concert. That's 1 : MANY.

Now imagine them with CD's, T-shirts, coffee mugs, etc. Now we're talking ULTIMATE LEVERAGE.

What Now?

From what I've written, it's clear that I have to start my consulting/coaching biz ASAP. I can do it in a few areas, one being life coaching (doesn't excite me as much as it used to) or digital marketing for small businesses (much better).

Life coaching is something I'm good at, but I would have to rebrand it somehow. I think once it went so mainstream and everybody became one, I lost interest. Just a personality quirk of mine, I suppose. But it is fun with the right clients, so this is something I can brainstorm and flesh out a bit more.

I already have a website up that I can easily add coaching services to at wakeupsmiling.com. In the meantime, I can continue to blog over there until I can figure out what to offer folks.

I've also written a book, Butt-Naked Abundance, but it's not ready for primetime. As I explained to someone recently, the book's concepts are raw, like cocoa leaves. Lots of potential to turn it into something powerful like cocaine. But I want it to be like crack when I re-release it, and I will need outside help to make that happen.

For the digital marketing services, I already started building a website for that at www.value-detectives.com (it's still in progress, so don't pay too much attention to the content).

It would be mainly business to business services (B2B). I can offer website design for small businesses, shooting video commercials for them, reworking their website message to boost conversions, improving their tracking and metrics, and figuring out an integrated strategy with them so their marketing efforts aren't so disjointed.

The digital marketing biz is very appealing because of the potential effects from small efforts. If I can help a local entrepreneur solve a problem that generates a strong ROI, then that effect impacts more than the business owner. It affects their staff and employees, their vendors and suppliers, the community, and their families.

Those are my initial thoughts, but now I must act.

Next Steps

[list type="checklist"]

  • Complete Value Detectives homepage by August 19th, 2012
  • Complete reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau (There's some great exercises in there)
  • Brainstorm potential ideas and services to offer for Wake Up Smiling


This list will be updated week to week. Anyway, hope y'all had a wonderful week, and here's to growth for all of us.

If you have ideas, I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, and feedback.

I Am Poor

[dropcap type="2"]I[/dropcap]f you know me, then this post may surprise you, if it doesn't shock you. If you don't know me, then you may think I'm crazy, a sensationalist, desperate, or just seeking attention. And that's fine by me.

This post signifies a turning point in my life. It contains a humiliating admission, and hope for the future. It reveals a serious challenge that I'm currently facing in my life, at this very moment. And it also contains potential for significant growth.

What you're about to read will expose a side of me that has never been shared before. It will make me vulnerable to my friends, family, and the general public (basically, anyone who decides to read this blog).

Let's get on with it, shall we?

A Humbling Admission

I'm broke. I'm poor. I have $236 left to my name. Add to that a monstrous debt, and it's as bad as it gets. My home is in foreclosure right now, and I have until November 2, 2012 to come up with a solution, or I am out. Here's my current bank statement as proof:

paul's bank statement August 1
My bank statement as of August 1, 2012

On top of this, I currently have a part-time job as a driver for a local company where my net income, per month, is about $900. Yes, I'm not paying my mortgage, but I still have my condo dues, which ballooned to $500 a month since I skipped 5 months. But as of RIGHT NOW, at my current level of income, I'll never catch up at this rate.

If you don't know me, then this doesn't have quite the same impact, except for the revelation and insight, and a bit of voyeurism into another person's personal life.

But if you know me, then this may jolt you, and cause any number of emotions to arise. The more you know me, or think you know me, the more you'll be scratching your head. You may think, "You're too smart!", or, "You had me fooled", and maybe, "WTF??"

No, I don't do drugs. I haven't smoked weed since '97. No, I'm not an alcoholic, I drink wine occasionally and can't stand beer smell. No, I don't gamble. That would make my plight even more destitute than what it is. I rarely go shopping for clothes. I don't buy cars and I don't travel like I used to.

I've just been earning less and less because I've been giving less and less to society.

Judge me anyway you like. I'm fine with it. I'm not apathetic or desensitized from this, but I have completely accepted what I've done, the results I've produced, and failed to produce.

If there has been a wrong done, it's been made by me. If there's someone to blame, it is I. I'm here, I stand before my peers naked, and say, "I am responsible."

And I confess that there's much more 'wrong doing' that I have committed. There's more to this story than just the numbers. The numbers perhaps tell the story of a talented, skillful, and educated man (although I dropped out of school four times, I still consider myself quite educated), AND the faulty thinking behind his actions. The numbers reveal a problem that I believe afflicts many, many people today, even though I cannot speak for them, however I do speak for me.

And this "wrong" I have perpetrated, is a failure to use what I have been given. I have not utilized, to the best of my ability, my God-given gifts and talents, my unique perspective and personality, my strengths, knowledge, and skills to benefit others in my most recent past -- most recent past being the past four years of my life.

Was I just being lazy? Stupid? Fearful? Stubborn? Selfish? Ignorant? Comfortable? Arrogant? Yes, all of it, and more. You may think I'm being too hard on myself, or perhaps I have some other motive by sharing this, but I am not asking for your pity or your condemnation, because there's another side to this as well.

This is not a sympathy post. This is not my way of trying to gain your empathy and understanding. I'm also not blaming the economy, the "system", racism, or any other abstract concepts that people use to justify their circumstances. I'm not blaming the past, my parents, or any of the thousands of people who have crossed my path. No.

But I do have a reason for putting it all out there. And since I'm being totally upfront and honest, I can say without a doubt that I would NOT be sharing this if I wasn't optimistic about my future. If I didn't have a little more than hope in my heart, I would not be open about my current state of affairs.

There is light at the far end of the tunnel. I am not in utter despair, quite the contrary. And if you stick with me throughout this entire process, I believe you will be deeply rewarded. And any epic journey requires major challenges to overcome, and a goal to accomplish.

The Goal

There is light at the end of the tunnel, but that light has to be sparked by me, can only be lit by me, and forged by my own optimism and vision. It's a goal that must be set by me, and me alone. No entity is sitting out there waiting to give me a fat reward for being a good human being.

So here's what I'm going to do. I've never had $10,000 in my bank account. Ever. But despite never having that, it's still not a big enough goal for me, at least not right now. But to see $50,000 in my bank account would be a tremendous accomplishment, and it's also something I believe I can achieve.

So, this is my public declaration:

I will have $50,000 in my bank account by August 1, 2013.

And if you stick with me, I promise to share the details of how I reach this goal. Every significant detail will be divulged. I won't hold anything back.

How You Benefit

I'm documenting all of this because of you, the nameless and faceless reader. I believe that by sharing my account with you, by taking you on my journey back to abundance, you will learn the lessons I learn. I've thought deeply about the importance of this story, if I were to triumph, and how it will affect others. I'm not making my life public for stupid, or even shallow reasons. There's always a "why" behind my actions.

And if I don't make it, if I don't reach my goal, if I don't make it to the championship and win, then I still hope you would have gained something from my experiences. Maybe you learned what NOT to do, or a new approach to challenges you're facing, but I'm sure if you ride this out with me, you will get something.

And as this story unfolds, you'll see how I create opportunities for myself, how I lose them, and others I will just flat out reject because of my values. This isn't about making money at any cost. I still carry a strong sense of idealism and know who I am, and am not interested in compromising what I consider sacred to me.

But all in all, I hope you get the sense that I'm being real with you. As authentic and revealing as I can be about a very private subject in our society -- money.

And as for me, I get to prove my own concepts. I just wrote a book called Butt-Naked Abundance, which, as it turns out, was a message I wrote to myself.

If you're interested in reading it, you can find it here at Butt-Naked Abundance.

What's next?

From here on out, I will post once a week to this blog, that will at least carry these two bare minimum of updates:

[list type="numlist"]

  1. How much money I made that week and how it came to me, and...

  2. How much money is currently in my bank account.


If I add anything else to my posts then I'm sure it will have some value to you.

And if you made it this far, thank you. I hope you stick around to see how this plays out.

Here's what you can do for me. If you know of anybody who may benefit from this series of blog posts, please pass this on to them. Share this with everyone you think can benefit.

You can also subscribe to my blog or click on the RSS feed to get updates. You can follow me on Twitter @paulcampillo.

Feel free to post your comments below. More coming soon.