do you tale-spin?

Do you tale-spin?

I'm currently attending a conference called the California Nonprofit Technology Festival in Richmond, California. Like many conferences, there are break-out sessions, ice breakers, food, and most importantly, networking. Whether you realize it or not, networking and the relationships you develop are SUPER CRITICAL to the success of your ideas, projects, and the general ...


[cs_column fade="false" fade_animation="in" fade_animation_offset="45px" fade_duration="750" type="1/1" style="padding: 0px;"]For ages, people have seen "fear" as a villain to fight, something to overcome, and even something to fear. Yup, that's right. Even fear is to be feared. Guess we'll call that fear². And where does fear² lead us? What problems does it cause in our ...
variety of doors


Doors How many different kinds of doors are there in the civilized world? Maybe you haven't seen them all, but there are some creative designs out there. If you had your choice of door (size, shape, color, etc.) which would you choose? If you only knew ONE kind of door, would it even ...

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