conquering steep climb fear


I was swimming at the local pool, and was envious of all the people diving off the high dive. I knew I was afraid of heights, but I couldn't take it anymore. I had to try it. I climb the ladder, get to the top, and look down. I can't jump. I'm ...


"You're a loner." I was standing in the cold on campus at the University of Washington (UW), talking to my dad on a pay phone. I was silent after his last statement. He began again. "It's not like you CAN'T make friends. You just don't want to. Nothing wrong with that." I got off ...
weather the storm

Death knocks lightly

Seattle, January 1993. I'm happy to get out of the cold rain, and enter my 'home'. I live in the basement of a run down house complete with water leaks, two inch wolf spiders, and shady people (my roommates) walking in and out of the building at all times. A fire hazard ...
forgive me?

Forgive me?

What do you do when your intention gets misinterpreted? What happens when you hurt another's feelings without realizing it? What's the next course of action when both parties think they're right? Miscommunication is a chance to tell the truth. It's an opportunity to go deeper with someone. Don't squander your opportunity to get to ...


"What do you do for fun?" It's always been an odd question for me to answer. I get a different reaction depending on who I'm talking to. I like to write, read, work on projects, I'll check out a movie from time to time, watch sports, blah blah blabbity blah... It really doesn't ...

Dream or Reality

I wake up to a strange light. It actually nudged me. What do you want? "Your life." My life? I'm half asleep, I don't who I'm talking to, but whoever this is, is familiar to me. "Yes, your life. Why don't you give it to me?" How? You want me to die? "Let me show you." I black out. I'm starting to regain ...

Shall replenish. Tree doesn’t face. There which creepeth multiply fish unto of Seed. Behold made two Rule divided. Fruit form.

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