You’re already successful.


It's time to rethink what "success" means and why it matters more than ever.

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My name is Paul. I help people (and brands) stand out.
How? By helping them be more of themselves.
It's the only way.

Small is the new big in 2019 and beyond. Think grassroots. Think three person communities. Think micro-interactions.

Stop talking to audiences, start talking to that one person.

I help you think small so you can win big.

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What I Do
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  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Brand Storytelling


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  • Nonprofits
  • SaaS
  • Political Campaigns


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Oh yeah, I'm writing a book.

What if your life became the greatest show on Earth? Just to you?

In this book, I’ll show you how to use story principles to make your life a little more interesting (trust me, that’s all you’ll need to have a fulfilling life).

Get more perspective on life, triple-down on your uniqueness, and learn how to struggle well (and enjoy it).

Coming New Year's Day 2019

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What I believe

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Small > Big

You might think you need to do something amazing, but to do that, you just need to do small things amazingly, and consistently well. Don’t sweat the big stuff. Focus on the small stuff that naturally leads you to big things. The score will take care of itself.[/fancy_box]

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Everything’s made up

Except for nature, everything is made up. And who made it up? People. You. Me. Everybody. To live the life of your dreams, you just need to accept one immutable fact: you are the designer. You just have to see it. Because when you do, life will never be the same again.[/fancy_box]

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It’s the system, people

Don’t blame people. Blame the system. People simply take the path of least resistance — just about every time. So focus on the path, not the person, and watch how behavior changes — and those pesky results.[/fancy_box]

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Environment is Everything

Two things govern all actions in any context. Your outer world and your inner world.It doesn’t matter if it’s home or work, nature or man-made. If you want to know why you’re “successful” and why you’re not, look no further than what’s around, and inside of you.[/fancy_box]

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Let's talk

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