Conscious Taxes

Conscious Tax App

What if you had complete control over how your tax dollars were spent?


Love Improv #1

love improv #1

An imagining, a tension, the push and the pull, a love improv.



If you don’t know about 50:30:20, I think you’d better read this post.



What’s your goal for 2015 and beyond? Why not be your version of superhuman?

One Step Closer

Clarity is one step closer

Can you get one step closer to your goal today? Of course you can.


conquering steep climb fear

How to get better or worse at anything.



I’m an INFP, what are you?

Now what?

now what?

You just finished a big project. You just came back from an epic trip. Now what?



A short post on what fun is to me.

30 days to a new life


You have 30 days to improve your life in some way. What ONE activity or behavior would have the biggest impact on your life?

Alien encounter

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What would you do if you thought aliens were close enough to have direct contact with you? Would you stick around or get the heck out of dodge?